Drawing from the war-time necessity to engineer whatever was needed from whatever was available, Krost continues to push beyond the ordinary. Today the substance of its innovations is matched by their distinctive style.




The seamless integration of form and function is a prerequisite for every product in the Krost range. Shape, texture, material... every element is sympathetically designed to serve a dual purpose.




Subtle, yet striking. For actuaries and artists, financiers and flimmakers... Krost's beautifully engineered accessories make a statement in die workplace without overwhelming it.




Productivity is enhanced by beautiful surroundings - as valid in the workplace as it is in the artist's studio. Whether classic or ultra-contemporary, solid wood or sensuous steel, every Krost accessory has aesthetic appeal.




Sleek curves and bold lines. Punctuated with perforations, flutes, grooves and studs. Krost products are carefully crafted to add a striking, modern dimension to any work space.


nuvo products

Our distribution, supply and design partners rely on us to constantly provide new and innovative products to "wow" the end user. This section showcases the range of new and innovative products from our production line.

  • Rainbow Floor Protectors & Matching Screen Panels
  • Nuvo Steel & Office Accessories
  • Stor-It! Range
  • Benches
  • Public Seating Range
  • Italia Stack Range
  • Square Line